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Off Road Vehicles and 4x4

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Ken Lee's RAV 4 - Another one: 

For the Toyota Land Cruiser FAQ, see: TLC FAQ (html)
TLC FAQ (plain text)

About the history of Toyota Land Cruisers: Toyota Museum

For the Offroad Driving FAQ, see: Mike Graham

For a good start on Toyota Land Cruisers, and also one of the first Cruiser web-pages ever, see: Ian Staines (probably defunct now) Ian Staines TLC page, second home

For another TLC site, see: Mike Sveda's TLC page

For the homepage of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, see: TLCA Homepage

Want to see the bulletproof base model Cruisers that Toyota USA & Europe refuse to import/sell, because they are too cheap?: Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings LTD

About the Japanese made improvement on the Humvee/Hummer, the Toyota Mega Cruiser:
site #1
site #2
site #3a
site #3b
site #3c
site #4
site #5 (quicktime videos!)
site #6

For the site of worlds largest TLC dealer (30.000 sqm stock): Specter Offroad

Another large one: MAN-A-FRE

A shop restoring lots of TLC's: Cool Cruisers of Texas

Info on a TLC soo ugly that it becomes art: FJ-55 Wagon

The same ugly vehicle, but this time owned by a guy who is as nuts as his 55 is ugly: Jere, Fearless Driver of the Flying None

Another site focused on Iron Pigs: FJ-55

A lovely exotic collection of Cruiser pictures (including 6x6 conversions!) & old documentation: Morgan Fletcher's Cruiser Site/Gallery

A nice Japanese TLC site: Shu Iwakata

Another Japanese TLC site: Bekkoame

Want to check every known problem for a specific type of Cruiser?" Japanese Cruiser Problem Library

Toyota in South Africa:
Toyota SA
Toyota SA II

Heaps of Toyota related links, dealers, accessories etc: Daryl's Toyota Web Links

TLC Diesel specialists down under: Berrima Diesel Web Page

More Land Cruiser Diesel info: Ian Bragg's Diesel Site

About TLC 80-series SAR vehicles on Iceland: Runar Sigurjonsson

Ever seen a 60-series with a max weight of nearly 2 tonnes (2000kg!) over stock maximum weight?: FJ-60 World Record Tour

An historic archive of Land Cruiser brochures & advertisings, by Mike deWit: Historic Land Cruiser brochure/advertising archive Modern Land Cruiser brochure/advertising archive

About one of Japan's largest Land Cruiser clubs:
Mt Fuji Cruiser Club Site
Mt Fuji Cruiser Fest pictures

A FAQ about Toyota's smallest 4x4: RAV4 FAQ

A huge site about 4Runners & more: Chris Geiger

For the Godfather of all 4x4 sites, see: Dean Waters 4x4 page

A direct overview of several hundreds(!) of other 4x4 sites: Heaps of Links

Another general site, with online reports (Camel Trophy etc), and some commercial links: 4x4 4U Video Magazine

Searching the archives of the Offroad Mailinglist: Offroad Mailinglist archives

A European 4x4/car site: Auto-Option

The site of the Dakar rally: Dakar

The French Dakar site: French Paris Dakar WWW Site

Toyota vehicles in this Mother of all rally's: Toyota & Dakar

Participation in the rally by the actual manufacturer of TLC's: Araco & Dakar

The Dynatrac site (US axles, gears etc.): Dynatrac

The first online 4WD accessories site in Australia: MotoCare

A site with Unimog info: Unimog

Another (official?) Unimog site:

Yet one more Unimog site: Patrick Tuffs Unimog Site

About Mile Marker hydraulic winches: Mile Marker

About Superwinch electrical winches: Superwinch .

About the NV4500 and other nice drivetrain stuff: JB Conversions

About the Land Rover Mailinglist and related sites:
Land Rover 1 (my own collection of info)
Land Rover 2

News from the SEMA show I: SEMA I

News from the SEMA show II: SEMA II

A nice & extensive Australian 4x4 site: 4x4 in Ozzieland

Aussie supplier of engine/tranny adaptors and stuff: Marks 4WD Adaptors

About those thingies to shovel snow: Snow plows

About joining Glasnost and 4x4: St.Petersburg Off-Road & 4x4 Club home pages

About land use and road closures in the US: RS2477

About an organisation fighting road/trail closures: Land Use Network List

About those odd boxy 4x4's: Hummer

About old military rigs: Military Vehicle Preservation Association

About the 4x4 Walhalla: Rubicon

About Isuzu's:
ITOG (Isuzu Trooper Owners Guild)
Isuzu Performance Tuning Homepage
More Isuzu resources

About what happens when your baby gets deformated:
Crash info site
Crash info site #2

Australian Kangaroo bars and other nice 4x4 stuff: TJM Products

About the ultimate engine braking with diesels: JakeBrake

About offroad in the UK: Green Laning

About GM V8 diesels: GM 6.2/6.5L diesels

About the alternative to a turbo charger:
Sprintex Superchargers #1
Sprintex Superchargers #2
CAPA Superchargers

Automotive bookshops:
Chater's Bookstore
4X4NOW Bookstore

About Austrian 4x4 hill goats: Steyr Haflinger

About those things hard to undo:
Knots #1
Knots #2
Knots #3

A range of very 'cool' sites:
Patrick Parish's Airco Site
USA government airco site
The dangers of R134a
FRIGC® FR-12T Refrigerant
Isceon 49 / Rhodia Ltd.

About batteries: Battery FAQ

An overview of automotive mailinglists (FTP): Automotive Mailinglists

The official Jeep site: Jeeps

About old and even amphibious Jeeps: Vintage Jeeps

About Jeeps with the steering wheel in front of the front axle: Forward Control Jeeps

A Suisse site with Africa info: Africa Travel

Latest news from Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes Benz Press Releases

About Mercedes 4x4's, including a test with the ML320 on the Rubicon: Harold Pietschmann's 4x4 site

About one of the most amazing suspension systems in automotive history: Kinetic Suspension Systems Ltd

Same name, totally different company/product/application!....:-)) Kinetics Ltd Israel

More about 4WD, AWD and Full Time 4WD: Eliot Lim's AWD FAQ

Sites with extensive GPS info:
The GPS Resource Library
Peter's GPS Site
Joe's and Jack's GPS Site

A Dutch site with Dodge 4x4 information: Dutch Dodge Homepage

About Ford 4x4 V8 diesel Van's: Steve Best's 4 Wheel Drive Ford Van Page

Have you ever heard about a company dealing *only* with water, wind and dust leaks? Me neither, but it exists!: Water Doctors International

More about AWD, Full-Time 4wd and Part-Time 4WD: Eliot Lim #1
Eliot Lim #2

Sites about turbo's:
Allied Signal (Garrett)
Counterparts Turbo Page
Ray Hall Turbocharging
Safari Turbo's
Dynamic Turbochargers
AXT Turbo's
Turbo Dynamics

Ever seen a TLC 75 Crew Cab?: Buffalo Camper conversions

A site about 4x4 events in the Middle-East: Middle-East Off-Road Events

About differentials & other drive train components: Drive Train Page

About Ford diesels: Ford Powerstroke Diesel

A few more MB ML-class links:
ML-class #1
ML-class #2

About smart-plastic bull-bars, regaining shape after a crash:
Team Poly
Smart Bar

About world's largest 4x4/offroad show, in Muenchen, Germany: IOR Messe

About a very exotic 4x4, once born in Italy as Rayton Fissore Magnum, entire plant sold to the USA, with Ford and VM components:
LaForza 4x4 SUV
Rayton Fissore Magnum

Technical info & do's and dont's about snow chains:

Steve Best's Snow Chain Page
Trey's Cable & Snow Chain Pages

A site about Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero & Dodge Raider: Pajero/Montero/Raider

Several more Mitsubishi sites:
Pajero/Montero #2
Pajero/Montero #3
Pajero/Montero #4
Pajero/Montero #5
Pajero/Montero #6
Pajero/Montero #7
Pajero/Montero #8

You thought bolts were simple things, eh? Forget it:

Bolts #1
Bolts #2
Bolts #3
Bolts #4
Torque settings for Bolts
Suspicious fake Bolts

Proof that all the hype about most oil additives is simply scam: Snake Oil & Additives

More ins and outs about engine oil: Oil analysis

Mounting a GM 6.2L V8 Diesel in a Cruiser: V8 Diesel in a Cruiser

Morphologic history overview of Cruiser Wagons: Cruiser History Animated GIF

Offroad on the very south of the African continent: 4x4 Site in South Africa

About travelling in the very north of the African continent: Sahara Travel Tips

A nice 4x4 site down under (great cover shot!....:-)) : 4wd Encounter

Small 4x4's in a small country: Suzuki 4WD Club Holland

Another nice FJ-55 site: FJ-55 LandCrusher Site

One of the better indestructable & bulletproof 4x4's, made in Portugal: UMM

Some very interesting links about the techology/patents behind tire siping:
International Science & Technology
Sipe Consolidation in Tire Design
U.S. Patent info on pneumatic tires

If you want more than 4x4: Poncin 8x8

4x4 site in the very south of Africa: South African 4xForum

A diagram that pretty neatly sums up how the "Toyota Group" is laid out: 'Toyota Group' structure

A pretty interesting history of the Japanese automotive industry: Japanese Automotive History

About a tough 4x4 made in Brasil: Engesa

And a Brasilian 4x4 magazine as well: Brasilian "4x4 & Cia" Magazine

How to mount your spare tire on the rear of your vehicle: Kaymar rear bumper wheel carriers

How to analyse failure of big end bearings: Bearing Failure Analysis

Exploring the most beautiful part of the USA in winter time: Alaska by Snowmobile

A nice French site about expeditions/rallies: Phillip Bourgine's Expedition Site

A site dealing only with stuff to extract yourself from the dirt: Recovery Gear Inc.

Everything about split rims and how to use them: Nigel Buxton's Split Rim FAQ

About some very nice drive train upgrades for Land Cruiser and Hilux/4Runner: Marlin's Site

About the VolksWagen T3 bus/vanagon Syncro:
VW Syncro I
VW Syncro II
Steve's Syncro Site

A new mailinglist for German offroaders, and for German 4x4 vehicles: German 4x4 Mailinglist

Info about the Russian UAZ (Ulyanovsk Auto Zavod (zavod=factory)), the Russian equivalent of the (willys) jeep:
Russian UAZ site
German UAZ site

Info about the Russian Niva:
Niva I
Niva II
Niva III

General Russian 4x4 site: Russian Offroad

New developments about Russian 4x4's: New Russian 4x4 (prototype)

4x4 clubs in Russia:
St. Peterburg 4x4 club
Moscow 4x4 club

An basic-level tutorial on differentials, with nice graphics: Diff's For Dummies

The On-Line Off-Road Magazine for the Gulf Middle East Off-Roader

Site and mailinglist for Daihatsu's 4x4's: Daihatsu Rocky/Feroza

A site with good info about winches: Trey's Winch Cable Pages

4x4 not enough? Land Cruiser not enough? Then this might be your solution!: 6x6 Land Cruisers

About the risks of using cellular phones in moving vehicles: Phone & Car is not a safe combination!

A nice cite about diesel engines in general, and fuel filters in specific: Racor diesel/fuel filters <./A>

About the best way to clean your oil:

Centrifugal Oil Filters

Sites about the smallest 4x4:
Izook Suzuki
Asakatana Suzuki
Off-Road Suzuki

Ever expected to find a modern Land Cruiser diesel in a boat, rebadged as Yanmar? Me neither: Marine 1HD-FT

You thought the Junkers airplane around 1930 was the last one with a diesel engine? Wrong, aero diesels are alive and kicking!: Zoche Aircraft Diesels

The most complete site about mobile refridgerators on the Net: KeepiKool Refridgerators

Info about worlds first road-going, full-time 4x4, made in Holland in 1904: Spyker 4x4

Mailinglist for another Japanese 4x4 (based in Australia): Nissan Patrol

About filtering the blood in your vehicle: Oil Filter Analysis

Several very slick tow-hitch products (ball, pintle/NATO, lunette): Dixon-Bate's tow hitches

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