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June 2002 - The hunt is on...

Channel 5 - Britain's Worst Driver 2002 < click

They're out there somewhere, and Channel 5 is determined to make them famous.? Channel 5 has teamed up with Mentorn, a Television Corporation company to scour the roads in search of Britain's worst driver for a new prime-time entertainment show.

If you've got a friend, relation or family member who's wobbly behind the wheel, then it's your duty to get in touch.? Nominate your direst driver and you could both become part of what promises to be the funniest motoring programme for years.

And don't be shy, because you'll be missing out on TV fame, big prizes, hanging out with celebrities and a real opportunity to learn to drive well.? That's right, Channel 5 will find Britain's worst driver and then turn them into the best.

Channel 5's presenter of 5th Gear, Quentin Willson, will host the seven half hour programmes and preside over a team of experts and celebrities who will judge the efforts of our clutch of crashers as they swerve through the zaniest knock-out driving competition ever.

Quentin says: "I believe the UK has a driving skills crisis and while Britain's Worst Driver is primarily an entertainment show, it's also a unique opportunity for viewers to learn how to survive the metropolitan marathon. We'll take timid, hesitant and spatially confused drivers and turn them into confident motorway meisters.? Nominate a dodgy-driving family member or friend and within weeks you could be watching them execute textbook hand-brake turns.? Go on, don't dither.? All you've got to lose is your shame?.'

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Britain's Worst Driver 2002
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