In addition to providing original equipment for the motor industry, our range of service products which include spark plugs, batteries, wiper blades and filters, ensure optimum running performance and reliability to keep your car on the road. All of the following services are available through us.

Bosch Service
A nationwide network of 400 Bosch Service Agents, all trained and equipped by Bosch, provide diagnostic and repair services for the systems fitted to modern vehicles.

The increasing number of electrical systems fitted to today's cars is placing growing demand on the power supply system. In response to this, Bosch has introduced a new generation battery: Bosch Silver the most significant advance in lead-acid batteries in the last 15 to 20 years.

In practice, this means that Bosch Silver batteries last over 20% longer, through improved operation and cold start performance.

Spark plugs
As well as being a pioneer in fuel injection and engine management, Bosch also has considerable expertise in spark plug technology. Our Super 4 spark plugs utilise surface air gap technology used on new cars for greater running reliability and performance. Super 4 brings the benefits of this technology to older cars through a range which covers most makes and models.

Wiper blades
Good windscreen wiper performance plays an essential part in driving safety. Bigger windscreens and more aerodynamic car designs have made effective wipers an essential component. In response to this, Bosch was the first manufacturer to introduce TWIN technology, where a soft rubber spine is bonded to a hard cleaning rubber edge to ensure durability and a clear view ahead.

Effective filters are vital for optimum engine performance. We started developing our filters over 70 years ago and today offer automotive filters for all applications, including: air, oil, fuel and cabin filters.

Automotive Original Equipment

Our products and technologies can be found on virtually every car in production across the globe. In this area we focus our efforts on developing new technologies which make cars safer, cleaner and more economical for a better driving experience.

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Our commitment to the UK goes back over 100 years to when Robert Bosch opened his first overseas office in London. Today, Bosch has almost 4,000 employees in the UK. For Bosch division contact details, roll over the list below

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