For nearly 80 years, Snap-on has been known for quality and innovation.
Today, Snap-on is a leading producer and distributor of tool, diagnostics, shop equipment to the marketplace. Customers are turning to Snap-on as their single-source provider for all needs within the transportation service and industrial environments.

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  Snap-on is recognized around the world for competencies in engineering research and development, the forming of steel, precision forging, and the finish of products.

Hand Tools - Customers can choose from more than 14,000 Snap-on® products including sockets, ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, torque wrenches and cutting tools.

Power Tools - Snap-on is committed to providing a wide selection of power tools that motor service technicians and industrial users want and need. These power tools are strong, reliable, easy to use and comfortable. Products include pneumatic (air), cord-free (battery), and corded (electric) tools such as impact wrenches, air ratchets, hammers, drills, sanders, polishers and grinders.

Tool Storage - Snap-on provides a vast selection of storage units to the motor vehicle service and industrial sectors in the United Kingdom and overseas. Available in a variety of sizes and dynamic colors. Snap-on produces custom quality tool chests, roll cabinets and related products.

Equipment and Services

  Snap-on is a leading producer of electronic diagnostics equipment - from hand-held scanners to high-end diagnostics systems. With its unmatched technology portfolio, Snap-on provides a complete range of service capabilities.

Under-car - In line with becoming a single-source provider for all motor vehicle service needs, Snap-on expanded its under-car capabilities with the acquisitions of Wheeltronic, a maker of hoists and lifts, and the John Bean, Hofmann®, and G.S. brands of wheel alignment equipment, wheel balancers and tire changers.

Under-hood - Currently, there are more than 600 different vehicle models on the road, with more than 450 types of on-board computers under the hood. Snap-on has the latest in diagnostics technology to handle the complexities of computer-controlled systems. Products include engine diagnostics equipment, hand-held scanners, air-conditioner recyclers and testers, scopes and injection cleaning units.

Information & Other Services - Today, "tools" go beyond "hard iron" hand tools. Snap-on's solutions include proprietary software, vehicle service information, training, product procurement facilitation, business management systems and tele-diagnostics.

Emissions & Safety - Concern for the environment and for vehicle safety has resulted in new government regulations related to vehicle emissions and safe automobile operation. Snap-on provides the technology to diagnose problems, simulate operating conditions, and ensure that systems are functioning properly with its emissions diagnostics and certification units, dynamometers, and brake and shock testers.

Collision Repair - Snap-on expanded into the collision repair industry with the acquisition of Nu-Tech Industries, Inc. (Brewco) and Hein-Werner Corporation. Snap-on now offers frame straightening equipment, vehicle measuring systems, paint booths and other collision repair equipment.



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