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Is the formula legal?

Interestingly, there are few laws in any country governing the production of self-made fuels. While in most countries (including the UK) there is no law prohibiting production of fuel by individuals, Road Fuel Duty (tax) must be paid on fuels used in motor vehicles.

The decision to produce your own diesel fuel is with the full knowledge:

  • Road fuel duties and taxes must be paid where applicable
  • Safety should be a prime concern

Why is the Formula available FREE?

Good question > We sold thousands of formulas recouping the development costs before deciding to make the formula available free of charge.

It is our aim through the widespread availability of the formula to further encourage users to pass on their knowledge and information resulting in better available information.

Is the formula = Biodiesel?

The formula is not biodiesel. For more information on the development of biodiesel fuels Click Here

Is mixing the ingredients safe?

No, mixing the ingredients is highly fire hazardous. The formula includes complete safety precautions.

Is it good for my engine?Has it been Tested?

The formula meets and surpasses all engine manufacturer specifications.

Will I need special equipment?

Only storage containers and lifting equipment are suggested.

What will I receive?

The formula is a written set of instructions explaining how to buy and mix a set of ingredients that result in diesel fuel.

Will I be able to buy the ingredients?

The ingredients are readily available from Motor Factors, Garages, Motor Outlets and Fuel suppliers.


The formula is made available free of charge without any written warranty or usage guidelines.

Mecatech Technology accepts no responsibility for the use of the formula.

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