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Our aim to list as many Motoring related web sites and references as possible.  A recent internet craze is Web Rings and Top 100 Sites, which feature many good sources of information.  Here we list as many as we can:  Good Luck!

The 24Rules Web Ring - 90 sites - 
Web Ring for Jeff Gordon fans only.Contains sites about the best driver in NASCAR,Jeff Gordon.This ring is growing.So if you have a page based on Jeff Gordon,Come on in!

Winston CUPSTARS - 14 sites - 
Winston Cup Stars is dedicated to providing you links to sites dedicated to the Greatest NASCAR Winston Cup Stars of all time.

#1 Edsel Auto Ring - 12 sites - This is a WEBRING for EDSEL automotive sites only. If you have a website or just a page about EDSELS or want to start one, then this is the place for you!

Motorcycles For Sale WebRing ' Includes: Classified ads for any motorcycle; new, used and classic motorcycles for sale; motorcycle parts, etc. - 15 sites - Any motorcycle site that has anything to do with the sales, buying, selling, trading or any other type of exchange of anything to do with motorcycles. This includes new, used and leased motorcycles; motorcycle parts, classic motorcycle sales, classified ads for motorcycles, etc. * Personal "Motorcycle For Sale" and motorcycle dealer sites are also welcomed !

Cool Cars And Hot Rods' - 22 sites - This web ring is for all who have an interest in current and older model cars, and for those who like some of that faster things in life like Hot Rods. This web ring is for basically anything that you can call car in this day and age :-)

Four Wheel Driving And Off Road Vehicle - 7 sites - 4x4 & OffRoaders, this is dedicated to you all. If you have a 4WD site join us. Learn about four wheel driving. Australian desert trek? Tips and trick on OffRoad driving. Browse through some great 4WD links. let others learn the outdoor sport of 4x4 driving. Increase traffic to your web site FREE information.

Monte Carlo Webring* - 11 sites - For Monte Carlo owners of any year. If you are a monte carlo nut like me and have your own website with pics, please join my ring!!! Any other cool Chevy cars or Drag Racing cars are welcome to join. My website contains a 1972 Monte Carlo with pics and National Trails Raceway schedule, I am also a NHRA member.

The Porsche and Jaguar Web Ring- 56 sites - The GREATEST Porsche's on the web along with the BEST Jaguars make this site a one of a kind extravaganza! So check out this ring and see where the real men's toys are! 

1941-1945 WWII MB/GPW JEEP Webring - 8 sites - These sites are dedicated to restoring WWII Jeeps - the MA, MB, GP, GPW - mfg. by Willys & Ford from 1941-1945, and outfitting them with proper accessories, accoutrements and militaria. These are the models that started it all . Also the MBT/T-3 Trailers, mfg. by Willys & Bantam. Worldwide, Jeeps are the #1 most recognized vehicles ever built.

1996 Dodge Indy Ram Webring - 7 sites - This webring is specifically for 1996 Dodge Indy Ram owners.

1st Alexander Wurz RING - 5 sites - PICTURES INFOS SOUNDFILES relate to Alexander Wurz, his CAR, TEAM and OTHER DRIVERS. This webring accepts all!!! webpages that relate to FORMULA 1.

1st Ebay Auto Ring - 47 sites - This webring is devoted to the auto enthusiasts on Ebay. Big, small, toy or real we buy and sell them all. Being on WEBRINGS will help us find each other and increase traffic to our auctions. + Links to my other rings.

1st Orphan Car ring - 15 sites - This site is designed for the orphan cars. That being cars that are not produced anymore. Your site has to be about cars that are out of production to join this ring. If you have a site devoted to the SVO, Sunbeam, Edsel, Hudson, Packard, Studebaker, DeSoto, Nash, Rambler, Metropolitan, Kaiser, Fraiser, Reo, Meteor, Willys, Aero, etc. you may want to join this webring.

1st SVO MUSTANG RING - 12 sites - This webring is devoted to the SVO Mustang, all 3 years, '84 '85 '86. The Mustang with the ThunderBird motor! If you have a site about SVO Mustangs please join my ring.

2Quik - 6 sites - Automotive Resources - Formula 1 Racing - Stock Cars - Discussion Groups - Auto Classified

3000GT/Stealth WebRing - 69 sites - The longest running official Mitusbishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth WebRing on the Internet. The only official webring for 3000GT/Stealth lovers. Pictures of Gatherings, modifications, member's cars, etc. View the official 3SI site, John's repair center, and many of the local 3SI chapters' sites. Nothing even comes close...

3rd Generation Accord Performance Webring - 24 sites - A webring dedicated to the modifying, customizing, and racing of 3rd Generation Honda Accords.

3rd Generation Camaro Ring - 56 sites - This ring is dedicated to 3rd generation Camaro enthusiests.

Runner Mods - 20 sites - this webring is dedicated to owners of any modified or customized toyota suv (mainly 4Runners). customizations including headlights, super chargers, lowering, raising, rims, tires, & any other mods.

4Runner offroad Webring - 44 sites - The 4Runner offroad Webring is intended for owners of Toyota 4Runner vehicles that are actually brought off-highway. Most vehicles in the ring are also modified to improve terrain performance.

4x4 KING - 9 sites - 4x4 ring for any sites featuring 4x4/offroad informating.

4x4 NorthWest - Offroad Mail List - 29 sites - The 4x4nw-L WebRing(Four By Four Northwest) is intended for users of the 4x4nw mail list sponsored by as a vessel to provide quick access to the home pages of this rag tag band of off roading enthusiasts in Northwestern North America (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, Western Montana & British Columbia, Canada). We invite all 4x4 enthusiasts to visit our pages.

4x4 Webring - 212 sites - A ring dedicated to all Four Wheel Drive vehicles and Off-Roading. It includes Axle guides, Trail guides and vehicle specific lift guides.

4x4's Unlimited - 59 sites - This ring contains any kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle. The sites may contain anything from mudding to rock crawling or just beginning sites.

4x4Extreme - 11 sites - is your complete online four wheel drive web ring with current off road information, events, clubs, trails, news and tech tips. Featuring a competitive warehouse to outfit your vehicle.

73-87 Chevy/GMC C/K Trucks - 21 sites - This ring is devoted to owners of GM's 1973-1987 C/K trucks and the 88-92 R/V Blazers and Suburbans.

78-96 Ford Big Broncos webring - 50 sites - Websites dedicated to full size Ford Broncos from 1978-1976.

94-96 Impala SS Web Ring - 143 sites - This is a collection of sites with information, pictures and event information that is all related to 94-96 Impala SS. We are attempting to create a 'ring' of Impala SS sites so that finding one site means that you have found most of them. Searching the internet for Impala(s) turns up a mountain of information about sites that have lots of info - no info - duplicates - or dead ends. All of the sites in this Impalass ring will have fresh, relevant information about this awesome car.

A The NEW AMC WebRing - 44 sites - Web sites about AMCs, such as Matadors, Ramblers, Spirit, Concord, Hornet, Eagles, ETC..

AAU Baseball - 13 sites - The AAU Webring was designed to bring AAU teams all over the world together in once place. Join today!

ABOVE THE REST! - 32 sites - Above The Rest! webring is designed to give more exposure to truck enthusiast - club related pages and to make it easier to find similar sites. It is restricted to non-commercial sites, i.e. just for people who love their trucks and want to show them off or clubs who are looking for a way to be noticed. Only "G" rated sites will be allowed.

AE86 - 18 sites - The AE86 Web Ring. Toyota Corolla GT Coupe Twincam 16 Valve, Corolla GT-S, Levin GT Apex, Trueno. All the best sites about one of the best RWD ever.

AMC Pacer webring - 12 sites - sites about the AMC Pacer, the wide small car made from 1975 to 1980

AMC Webring - 90 sites - This is the American Motors Cars webring. Sites in the ring have everything including AMC Jeeps, Nash & Rambler memorabilia Javelins, Gremlins, AMX racing and more!! Wanted-- ->Willys & Hudson stuff. Any sites out there? Join up or E-mail the ringmaster & tell where they are.

ASTRO/Safari owners WebRing - 11 sites - This webring will be for owners of Astro and Safari vans.

ATV Source Zone Web Ring - 180 sites - The ATV WebRing is the most complete ATV listing there is. If you want to be part of the action, join ATV WebRing Today. ATV WebRing is for all ATV related sites.


Air Head's Ring - 10 sites - A haven for the air-cooled V-Dub enthusiast. Tech articles, reader's rides, chat, message board, parts list, links and rings along with my own meanderings....

Alfa Romeo WebRing - 375 sites - A group of sites dealing specifically with Alfa-Romeo cars, parts and clubs.

All American Cars WebRing - 103 sites - All American Cars WebRing! This Webring Is Made To "Car Surf" Easyer! Please Join If You Have An American Car Site!

All Chevy Webring - 740 sites - The original Chevrolet webring bringing you the best in Chevy sites on the 'net. Anyone with a Chevrolet site is invited to join.

All GM Webring - 84 sites - This ring is for any and ALL owners of vehicles made by General Motors. If your site has anything to do with a car that anyway involves the GM name, you are elegible to join this ring.

American Muscle Car Webring - 168 sites - This Webring is an organization of American Muscle Cars. Any site pertaining to the American Muscle Car is welcome to join. This includes all manufacturers: American Motors, Chrysler Corperation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors... Anything made in America that has Muscle!

Anoraks Off Road Club - 17 sites - The Anorak club is basically the people who read the news group, a very informal group, who want to drive there 4x4's off road and then drink beer.

Aprilia RS250/125 Webring - 12 sites - Ring mostly about Aprilia's two stroke racing replicas RS250/125. Also includes some info on motorcycles in general and two stroke bikes in particular. Other interesting subjects are road racing, tuning, tips'n'tricks, painting etc.

Audi Fox and VW Dasher Enthusiasts Ring - 10 sites - A ring dedicated to the appreciation and longevity of Audi Foxes/80s and Volkswagen Dashers as well as other underappreciated or neglected Audis and VWs.

Audi Quattro WebRing - 107 sites - This Webring will help people better understand why Audi's Quattro car's are so much better than the competition. This Webring will also provide information about how to keep up with the costly car known as Audi...

Audi Webring (deutsch) - german Audi webring - 14 sites - Der deutschsprachige Audi Webring. Ein Zusammenschluss von privaten Seiten rund um das Thema Audi, alle Modelle, alles was von Interesse ist. The german audi webring is a webring of private sites on anything about audi.

Australian Chryslers - 43 sites - This is the home of the Australian Chryslers Webring. This Webring is for Australian manufactured Chrysler motorvehicles and includes New Zealand assembled Chargers.

Australian Hot Rods - 9 sites - Australia has a very strong Hot Rodding community. With the roads and climate to make the most of participating in many organised events or just cruising. This ring features home pages and commercial sites with a purely Australian content.

Australian Motoring and Motorsport Webring - 22 sites - The Australian Motor web ring is for all websites related to the Motor industry particularly motorsport.

Australian Volvo - 6 sites - Volvo's In Australia Also Incorporating New Zealand Sites. Clubs, Help , Advice And Information.

Auto Trim Ring - 11 sites - Upholstery suppliers, trimmers and installers, foreign and domestic car specialists dedicated to the preservation of our automobile heritage.Professionals who perform high quality installations or repairs of tops, interiors or carpets in Alfa BMW Fiat Ferrari Jaguar Porsche Mercedes Rolls or Saab are invited to join. 7-4 Pacific Time for live information Members - 71 sites - All of us at have gathered together to provide you with a web site that is an information resource for all levels of knowledge in the automotive after market installation trade. Main topics included are Mobile electronics, audio and entertainment, and security. We promise you a continued growth, and plan on becoming the largest non-commercial web site of this kind.

AutoWorld - 519 sites - This WebRing is for ALL Automotive Enthusiast, Classic Cars, Street Cars, Classic Trucks, Imports, Drag Cars, GM, Mopar, Ford, ANY And ALL are encouraged to JOIN, Newbies all the way to the Seasoned Veterans, Auto Techs, Auto Parts Techs, IF You Drive it,Race it, Cruise it, Show it, Then This Is THE WEBRING to JOIN, So all Auto enthusiast Can SEE your Interest in the AutoWorld !!

Automobili Lamborghini Ring - 35 sites - The Automobili Lamborghini Ring is for all sites that have anything to do with Lamborghinis, all sites are welcome to enter that have Lamborghinis in it.

Automotive Art - 14 sites - This Webring is dedicated to quality automotive art, automotive artists and raising the profile of this automotive art genre. Forms include sculpture, prints, sculpture and other media.Automotive_Art

Automotive Auctions and Dealers - 10 sites - The Automotive Insider Webring is to bring Auto Auctions and Car Dealers together so that the wholesale, retail and general public can have a working knowledge of what is happening within the automotive industry from the nearby auction or car dealer to the international automotive market.

Automotive World - 6 sites - has Canadian dealers, their web sites, their specials of the week and more. hosts CIBC banking and insurance, Canadian Auto World - a magazine sharing the inside scoop on the automotive industy and World of Wheels - Canada's leading automotive magazine for the car enthusiast. Probelms with your vehicle? Ask the mechanic for a clue as to what's wrong! Everything needed to know in the automotive world is here on line!

Autoring - 88 sites - Vintage and classic cars lovers

Avenger/Sebring Owners Group Webring - 18 sites - Webring devoted to the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring car owners. The sites on this webring contains information pertaining maintenance and performance of these model cars.

BMW 2002 Web Ring - 82 sites - The BMW 2002 web-ring is dedicated entirely to the BMW 02 series automobiles -- made from the late 60s until the late 70s. They are one of the premier "cult" cars of today. The web-ring is designed to link personal websites and businesses catering to the BMW 02. The ring contains a BMW 02 message board, FAQs and information sites from around the world in multiple languages as well as the premier business sites for BMW 02s. Join today and get your site "in the ring!"

BMW E30 - 13 sites - The E30 Webring is your gateway to the world of the E30, The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Webring - 123 sites - Welcome to the BMW Webring, this webring is for all kinds of BMW's. Also, by joining this webring, I'll guarantee that you'll get more traffic on your website and meets lot's BMW owners who shares same interests like you. Register and enjoy!!! Also: This webring is made by an BMW enthusiast & owner. Sites that deals with money transaction will not be in the Webring. However, I'm not associated with any BMW, or BMW AG, or whatever BMW regulations and stuff. :)

Bad Boys Racing Ring - 21 sites - For anyone that has a love of racing. This could be local hometown racing or Nascar racing. Just a love for racing.

Biker Bob's & Biker Di's Webring - 119 sites - Harleys , pics , links , jokes,

Biker Heaven - 188 sites - Biker Heaven, the one-stop resource for Bikers on the internet.

Blazer Net's 1st Gen. Blazer WebRing - 5 sites - Blazer Net's 1st Generation (69-72) Chevy Blazer/Jimmy WebRing.

British Automotive WebRing - 87 sites - This WebRing is for owners, enthusiasts, restorers, and dealers of all British automotive marques including A.C., Allard, Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Aston Martin, Austin, Bentley, Berkeley, Bristol, Connaught, Dellow, Doretti, Elva, Healey, Hillman, HRG, Humber, Jaguar, Jensen, Jowett, Lagonda, Lotus, Marauder, Marcos, McLaren, MG, Morgan, Morris, Peerless, Riley, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Singer, Standard, Sterling, Sunbeam, TVR, Triumph, Turner, Vauxhall, and Wolseley.

Buggin's VW Ring - 7 sites - A ring specializing in Volkswagens. Aircooled, watercooled, ghias, beetles, rabbits, passats, all the VW's.

Buick Only - 112 sites - The Buick Only Webring contains sites that are dedicated to all years of Buick's to the present. From personal sites to clubs, etc.

CHEVROLET CAVALIER WEBRING - 24 sites - This webring is for all Chevrolet Cavalier owners. Join this ring if you love your Cavalier, and you are tired of seeing so many import rings and sites. It doesn't matter how old your Cavalier is, you are welcome to join. Help make the Cavalier's presence on the internet known, and that these cars are just as good or better (more on the better side) than imports.

CHEVROLET CORSICA WEBRING - 8 sites - The first Chevy Corsica webring. Made for Corsica enthusiasts only. No Berettas. (they have their own ring.)

COBRA Cars - AC and Shelby COBRA's - 90 sites - For anyone who has a site related to the automotive classics, AC and Shelby Cobra's.

CRX Webring - 89 sites - The original CRX ring established in 1998! Devoted to the Honda CRX, where you'll find our tips, wisdom, and experiences with these quick, little runabouts; from general maintenance to performance modifications to car audio and much more.

Cadillac Ring - 79 sites - The Cadillac Ring is for pages that include anything about Cadillacs, from the beginning of Cadillac to the fins of the 50's and 60's to the Caddy that zigs. Pages MUST include more than one Cadillac picture if there is no other Cadillac information on the page. Anything Cadillac on your page? Join The Cadillac Ring!

Camaro 1st Generation - 18 sites - Dedicated to First Generation Camaro's 67,68,69. Information, Statistics, PRO Numbers, Engine Specs. A collection of Classic Camaro pics, Camaro Street Machines and Camaro's at the Drag Strips. With members sites just showing off their Hot Camaro Pics. We are in a "Class of Our Own" by just owning and loving 1st Generation Camaro's. If it ain't here, it ain't a Chevy 67,68 or 69 Camaro.

CamaroBrothers - 9 sites - This is The CamaroBrothers Webring. We are a Club In Maryland and We are now also a Webring, But with only the best Camaro Sites out there. We only take the Best of the Best, so are ring is small. We also Will send out are Club News Letters to anyone who has join the ring and wants info. The CamaroBrothers News will tell you all about up comeing Shows and Great Mods for your car. So if you like Car's and want to join or just see some of the best site, then come to the CamaroBrothers Webring.

Canadian Musclecar Ring - 38 sites - This ring is dedicated to Canadian musclecar owners of any make, year, or modification. Every Canadian owner is welcome - the only criteria is that you are from the Great White North and you love style, performance, speed, know, the musclecar! Friendly competition between brands is more than welcome. After all, isn't that what our hobby is all about? BTW - I will add 1 site for each manufacturer from the US as long as it is an EXCELLENT pictorial and performance resource.

Car Audio Canada - 17 sites - This is a webring to help promote car audio sites in canada. so what ever car you have, whether you have a low budget or a no budget stereo this is the place for you.

Car Audio Webring - 21 sites - A Web Ring that lovers of car audio can have their pages linked together to increase hits on their pages.

Car Pics Ring - 62 sites - 

Ring for all you people looking for great pics of your fav cars. From exotic, to muscle, to hot rods, to lowriders, to custom, we got 'em all!!! If you have a great site with awesome car pics, join us...You will not be refused

Cars & Sports Webring - 27 sites - 

Any kind of cars, or any kind of sports! you have that on your site you could join. :-)

Cavalier Z24 WebRing - 24 sites - 

This webring is for anyone who is interested in Z24 cavaliers. You need to have a well maintained, interesting, informative site to be considered to join.

Chevelle Web Ring - 68 sites - 

The Chevelle Web Ring is open to anyone with an interest in Chevelle, Malibu, El Camino, Impala, Sprint, or Beaumont cars. The web ring is free and anyone that has a related web page is invited to join.

Chevelle and El Camino - 137 sites - 

Increase traffic and share the chevelle hobby by joining the CEC - Chevelle & El Camino webring. Associated with Team Chevelle, and all major Chevelle clubs. Chevelle and El Camino enthusiasts home pages are welcome to join! All Chevelle related sites are welcome, no minimum requirements to join. All years of Chevelle and El Caminos including Sprints, Beaumonts and other related marques. Check our traffic stats at:

Chevy Beretta - 115 sites - 

Sites dedicated to or with info on the Chevy Beretta

Chevy Caprice 9C1 - 26 sites - 

Ring for the Discussion of the Chevy Caprice Police car, 1994-1996 Impala, and most of the Caprice models, and any other closely related B-Body pages.

Chevy Power - 105 sites - 

The Chevy Power webring is designed to give more exposure to Chevy related pages, and to make it easier to find Chevy pages. It is intended for non-commercial sites, i.e. just for people who love their Chevy and want to show it off.

ChevyWorld - 12 sites - 

This Webring is a part of the ChevyWorld Community. The mission of this ring is to tie all the different Chevy models together in one, big, powerful community, where we all can share knowledge and have a great time together. Feel free to join the ring as well as the ChevyWorld online community by clicking the link. ChevyKen

Citroën Ring - 108 sites - 

A ring of pages dedicated to the carmake Citroën

Classic '60's Triumph Spitfire Webring - 6 sites - 

The Vintage Triumph Spitfire Webring links to other Triumph Spitfire sites with emphasis on the vintage "round-tail" Spitfires built by British Leyland from October, 1962 to December, 1970. Other sites may include later model Spitfires and GT6 pages as well.

Classic Auto Sales & Parts - 27 sites - 

We are a listing Of classic Dealers and Suppliers for Auto Sales & Parts used and Nos.

Classic Cars Webring - 332 sites - 

Webring is open to all personal websites related to American made classic cars covering all makes and models. The goal of this webring is to provide the surfing public with an easy way to search for those sites relating to classic cars that may be overlooked by the large search engines.

Classic Cav Webring - 17 sites - 

This is a collection of sites with information that is related to '82-94 Chevrolet Cavaliers and other j-bodies. What The Classic Cav webring attempts to do is join all Cavalier sites together in order to form a group of sites. These sites can easily be "surfed" through by using The Classic Cav Webring.

Classic Impala Owners' Web Ring - 40 sites - 

A place for all classic Chevy Impala owners and lovers to come together to display and discuss their rides.

Club J-Body Webring - 30 sites - 

A webring of members from Club J-Body. Club J-Body is a club that is devoted getting aftermarket products for our cars. Currently only available for members of Club J-Body.

Clubman Classics - 38 sites - 

This ring is dedicated to Clubman style sportscars and other cars fashioned upon the fabulous Lotus Seven.

Compact Car Ring - 10 sites - 

This ring is for compact car lovers. It is a ring for us to link to each other and have easy access to others like us.

Contemporary Oldsmobile Webring (1978-Present) - 14 sites - 

This ring is for websites devoted to contemporary, or newer, Oldsmobiles. This ring is to differentiate the newer Oldsmobiles from the rest of them. (1978-present)

Corvette Web Sites - 261 sites - 

Any and all Corvette-related web sites are encouraged to join this web ring to connect us enthusiasts through the web.

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Corvettes-USA - 29 sites - 

If you Love the American Icon, the Chevrolet Corvette, then you should really enjoy this webring. This ring is full of informative and fun sites with Corvette interest in mind. Some sites even contain club and event information. Even if you don't own a Vette personally, you can still enjoy the sites in this Corvette webring. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit.

Crusah's Cars Webring - 55 sites - 

Crusah's Cars is a ring for Car lovers of All ages. Have a Car site why not join the ring and increase your traffic. Any type of Car site will be accepted from Ford to Chevrolet, BMW and Mercedes you name a Car and it's elligible to join. Join Crusah's Cars today!

Cummins Turbo Diesel Webring - 9 sites - 

A webring dedicated to Dodge Ram Cummins Turbo Diesels. Cruise our ring to see rigs, exchange information, and learn more about the best diesel engine on the market

Custom Dakota Webring - 50 sites - 

Dodge Dakota Owners :This WebRing is open to people who have Custom Dodge Dakotas, which include either Engine Mods and/or Body Mods, Which make their Dakotas faster and look good.

D W racing's WebRing - 7 sites - 

Come join the fun at D W racing! Get all the ministock information you need and join my web ring while you are here. Fun, easy way to increase hits to your site. and it FREE!

DA vettes - 24 sites - 

" DA vettes was created to help kids and young adults understand more about the corvette. It was also created as a place for corvette lovers to come and look at great corvette sites.

DSM Webring - 292 sites - 

DSM related websites. Diamond Star Motors was a joint venture between Chrysler and Mitsubishi resulting in our favorite cars: the Plymouth Laser, Eagle Talon, and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

DaimlerChrysler Webring - 14 sites - 

The DaimlerChrysler Webring is for all sites that have information on current and/or very recent DaimlerChrysler models including: Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Freightliner, Sterling, Setra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Adtranz, and more. If your site is on DaimlerChrysler, it should be in the DaimlerChrysler Webring.

DeAtH FrOm SpEEd - 176 sites - 

JuSt A KiCk AsS RiNg FoR AnY ASIANS (AnD OnLy ASIANS!!! As YoU CaN SeE, I'm VERY rAcIsT!!) ThAt HaVe a KiCk AsS HoMePaGe...I KnOw iT SOuNdS LiKe A RaCeR ThiNg BuT Nah...ItS FoR AnY AsiAnS ThAt GoT a KiCk AsS PaGe...So JoiN DeAtH FrOm ShIt!!!

Desert Off Road Racing - 17 sites - 

This Web Ring is for all Desert Off Road Racers, fan pages, race product pages, race hosts, or race teams. Making it easier for desert racers to find the info they need quickly.

Dirt Track Auto Racing - 60 sites - 

The Dirt Track Auto Racing ring is for anyone interested in auto racing on dirt tracks around the country. From Sprint cars to Dwarfs, this ring is for everyone who loves the fast paced, mud flying, excitement of dirt short track racing. Everyone is invited to join including race tracks, race teams, and race fans. If you love getting mud in your face, this ring is for you. Join now!

Dodge Dakota Webring - 147 sites - 

This ring contains web pages devoted to Dodge Dakota trucks.

Dodge Durango - 29 sites - 

Welcome to the Dodge Durango Webring. This webring is intended to link Dodge Durango Owners and their sites to provide you with pictures, mods, and other Durango related activities.

Dodge Viper Ring - 7 sites - 

Dodge Viper just rules man

Drag Racing - 5 sites - 

This is my Drag Racing web ring and if you want to join you are welcome.

Drag Racing Ring - 16 sites - 

The On-line home of with drag racing news, results, photos, where you can find racing info, chat and more!

Dutch Car Audio WebRing - 12 sites - 

On this ring you will find Dutch Car Audio Freaks

Dutch Indoor & Outdoor Go-Kart Webring - 10 sites - 

Indoor & outdoor karten in Nederland. Kartteams, kartbanen en kartfanaten zijn welkom om de ring te joinen. De Karting Webportal bied je Racing Team Uden, Dutch Indoor Kart Challenge, De Kartbaantest, Hotbar, Video's, Screensavers, Links naar ALLE kartbanen en dat allemaal op karting en race gebied.!!!

EEK! The Everyday Extended K-Car Web Ring - 9 sites - 

Sites relevant to Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge vehicles derived from the K platform, including Aries/Reliant, Sundance/Shadow/Duster, Caravan/Voyager, LeBaron, Saratoga/Acclaim/Spirit, Daytona/Laser, and more

European Drag Racing Resource - 15 sites - 

The European Drag Racing Resource Ring This ring is designed to provide easy access to all known European Drag Racing related sites

European Harley-Davidson Riders Web Ring. - 55 sites - 

European Harley-Davivson webring.

Exotic Cars WebRing - 210 sites - 

This webring accepts all webpages that relate to exotic cars and sports cars. An image gallery website with perhaps specs on each make and model of vehicle is desired. I will accept links to sites similar to my expectations. This webring is designed to attract people with an obsession and passion for automobiles as I do. If you are a car enthusists and have your own webpage, please submit your site for approval.

Extreme Saturns Web Ring - 10 sites - 

A web ring for hardcore saturn owners!

F1 GP Ring - 300 sites - 

This Ring will have members who own F1 related sites

FORD POWER Truck Ring - 141 sites - 

Dedicated to all years & models of Ford trucks. ALL Ford trucks are welcome!

Ferrari - 5 sites - 

The Ferrari Web Ring is intended for all Ferrari web sites. The idea is to bring together all the best Ferrari sites on the web into one ring, whether they are based on Formula 1, a specific car, a group of cars, or the man himself!

Ferrari Sites Webring - 24 sites - 

Web Ring dedicated to all things related to Ferrari Automobiles and Racing.

Festiva Ring - 28 sites - 

Ford Festiva Web Ring. A collection of home pages about Ford Festivas/Aspires and their owners.

Ford Bronco/Explorer Webring - 7 sites - 

This webring is for all of those that love their ford rigs and love to take them off road. These more than capable Fords often overpower the trails with the might that comes from the blue oval's hearty powerplants. All Bronco, Bronco II, Ranger and Explorer 4x4 sites are welcome to join...

Ford Classic and Capri Web Ring - 6 sites - 

The ring caters to all sites that focus on the Ford Consul Classic 315 and Capri cars. These cars were manufactured by Ford UK in small numbers in the early Sixties and are now increasingly rare.

Ford Contour Webring - 27 sites - 

Ford Contour and Ford Contour related websites.

Ford Escort & Mercury Lynx Webring - 33 sites - 

I started this ring for owners of Ford Escorts & Tempos and Mercury Lynx & Topaz cars so that if anyone wants info they have a source of information.

Ford F-Series Webring - 32 sites - 

This ring is for Ford F series pickups, ranging from years 1948-1972.

Ford Falcon Classics - 21 sites - 

This Ring is a collection of sites relating to Ford Falcon cars made between 1960 and 1978 in all parts of the world. This is The Ford Falcon Ring that works, The one WITHOUT the broken links.

Ford Maverick & Mercury Comet - 17 sites - 

for the Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet automobiles

Ford Mustang new and used automobiles - 7 sites - 

Thing ring is for Commercial and Non-Commercial sites related to the Ford Mustang. Everyone is welcome.

Ford Pace Car Web Ring - 6 sites - 

A ring ford ford pace cars

Ford Performance - 23 sites - 

This web ring will be the first to link all Ford Perfomance sites together to share performance and other information pertaining to any of Fords' Products. Any thing related to any Ford MotorSport is welcome.

Ford Pinto Web Ring - 15 sites - 

Devoted to the Ford Pinto.

Ford RS Webring - 91 sites - 

The only Ring on the Web dedicated to the Ford RS models from RS2000 to RS200. If you want Buying,Tuning or History for the Ford RS CaRS checkout one of our excellent Ring member Sites!!!

Ford Vehicles - 3 sites - 

Web Ring containing Information about all years and models of Ford Vehicles

Ford escort Rear Wheel Drive Webring - 22 sites - 

Ford Escort RWD ring deals with all kinds of RWD Escorts, Mk1 and Mk2. Including pictures, discussion, links and info about RWD Escort in Road rally and race.

Formula 1 Ring - 18 sites - 

The aim of this initiative is to link all WWW-pages dedicated to Formula 1 in one ring, so that people being passionately fond of racing have the possibility of visiting all sites about this sport. All pages dedicated to Formula 1 can join this ring: also biographical pages dedicated to Formula 1 drivers of the past and of the present, pages including pictures/movies of Formula 1 cars and/or drivers, pages including statistical data and results, pages dedicated to circuits where Formula 1 races have taken place, pages dedicated to Formula 1 teams. No commercial page selling tickets or other things concerning Formula 1, or pages aiming to make money from this sport will be accepted.

Full Size Jeep Web Ring - 41 sites - 

Dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of Full Size Jeeps - 1962-1983 Wagoneer, 1962-1988 Gladiator / J-trucks, 1974-1983 Cherokee, and 1984-1992 Grand Wagoneer.

Fury WebRing - 26 sites - 

This is a WebRing dedicated to the Plymouth Fury. The most furious car in the world !

GMC Truck Web Ring - 55 sites - 

Ring is for GMC Truck pages. All GMC's; old, new, big, small. It is a place for GMC Truck Enthusiasts to show off their pride and joy and get out of the shadow of the Chevy guys.

GOTTA LOVE THOSE WALTRIPS Racing Webring - 45 sites - 

This webring is for anyone with a racing site who likes or respects the Waltrip Brothers. Your website does not have to be in any way dedicated to either of the Waltrip brothers, Darrell or Michael, but being in the webring shows one you acknowledge the Waltrip Brothers as respectable NASCAR racecar drivers.

GTI Cars Webring - 7 sites - 

Le GTI Webring regroupe des sites de tuning, custom car, kits moteurs et autre sites de rallyes.

GTO HEAVEN - 37 sites - 

GTO HEAVEN is dedicated to the world's finest muscle car...the Pontiac GTO and the gear-heads that love The legendary GTO. This Ring features Pictures, books, parts, and links to the most popular GTO and Pontiac web sites on the net.

Gold Wing Road Riders International - 26 sites - 

This webring is dedicated to all motorcycle riders, especially gold wing riders. All members of the webring must have appropriate sites for people of all ages. Sites should have pictures of a motorcycle and/or information about motorcycles.

Golden Hubcap Award Recipients WebRing - 66 sites - 

The Golden Hubcap Award Recipients WebRing is for Geocities MotorCity sites that have been awarded the coveted Golden Hubcap Award by the community leaders of MotorCity. All recipients of the Golden Hubcap Award are invited to apply to be added to the ring. Come visit some of the premiere sites of MotorCity!

HONDA HAWK NT650 - 13 sites - 

Ring for owners and fans of the 1988-92 Honda Hawk NT650 motorcycle.


Japanese HOT ROD webring

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - 91 sites - 

For the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have a Harley page sign up to be in the only Harley Web Ring.

Hendrick Tribute - 6 sites - 

Welcome to Gordon24 Web u can find Several sites & Info containing Jeff & Hendrick motorsports also a winston schedule and much more....

Honda Africa Twin Webring - 24 sites - 

The Africa Twin Webring wants to bring together sites related to Honda's cool big enduro bike.

Honda Mopeds Webring - 4-strokes only! - 13 sites - 

A webring for sites that deal with Honda fourstroke mopeds. No matter which type. For example: Honda ss50, cd50, c50, dax, chaly, monkey..... (NO twostrokes!)

Honda Type-T WebRing - 5 sites - 

A webring devoted to turbo Hondas. Extreme horsepower, extreme speed and extreme smiles. If you love the whoosh sound of a turbo then you need to visit the sites in this webring!

Honda delSol CRX WebRing - 80 sites - 

Here is the WebRing dedicated to our delSol CRX owners all over the world. I wish this WebRing can give an opportunity to those delSol CRX owners who want to get information, share experience on!! Welcome to join us and make the WebRing grows larger!!!

Hot Rod and Custom Webring - 83 sites - 

This Webring is open to any individuals or clubs dedicated to the hobby of Hot Rodding and Customising vehicles.

Hudson/Essex/Terraplane Web Ring - 9 sites - 

Linking the sites related the the great cars built by Hudson Motor Company between 1909 and 1954 and the Hudsons built by AMC between 1955 and 1957.

IHC WebRing - 207 sites - 

A collection of sites devoted to passenger vehicles from the International Harvester Corporation. These include the Scout, Scout II, Pickups, Travelall, and a host of special-purpose vehicles.

IMPORTSPEED Online - 14 sites - 

IMPORTSPEED Online webring for all import car enthusiasts.

IROC Ring - 22 sites - 

A ring especially designed for the IROC-Z Camaro, though not limited to just THAT model. Any Camaro site is welcome, providing a wealth of pics, knowledge, and opinions.

ISUZU RING - 25 sites - 

This ring is for any website that deals with ISUZU SUV's. It can be for all purposes. Shows, Clubs, personal pages of all different types of interests to include 4 wheel drives, lowriders, stock, race and customizing. This ring is the place to be if you have any interest in ISUZU.

I_love_chevys - 6 sites - 

If you love chevys and have some pics of your cool ride,particularly if it is a older ride,then this is the ring for you ,have fun surfing and watching it grow

Import Performance Ring - 82 sites - 

A Group of pages related to Import Performance: including drag racing, auto-x, etc.

Import Performance Ring - 47 sites - 

Import car racing and performance ring.

Import Racing WebRing - 103 sites - 

WebRing dedicated to the Import Scene. Created by the founder of Import Racing chat room (AOL). With awesome import car and import product related sites. Ranging from Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, VW, BMW, Greddy, A'pexi, Volk Racing, HKS, Nitrous Express, Team Dynamics, Nology, Nitto, SCC, Turbo, Racing Hart, JG, Neuspeed, BBS, DC Sports and more. Import Racing WebRing, Boost today!

Imports - 5 sites - 

Mostly for imports, racing, integras, etc. Information and other useless stuff. Will get better with time.

Indian Motorcycle Web Ring - 50 sites - 

The Indian Motorcycle Web Ring links various homepages and commercial sites that provide information about the pre-1954 Indian motorcycles.

Italian Motorcycle Web Ring - 34 sites - 

Italian Motorcycle Pages and Italian Motorcycle parts and accessories Pages

JETSPRINT Powerboat racing - 8 sites - 

The sport of JETSPRINT baot racing is AWESOME, 1200hp JET boats against the clock...but; hang on! Doing it in channels 12 feet wide!!!

Jaguar Owners Web Ring - 62 sites - 

The Jaguar Owners Web Ring is a service to enable Jaguar Owners to share information about the care and feeding of new and old Jaguar Cars. Member sites will contain useful tips, resources, or services of interest to Jaguar Owners. Whether a site is about an early SS-90, SS 100, Mk II, Mk 7, Mk 8, Mk 9, Mk 10, XK120, XK140, XK150, C-Type, D-Type, E-Type, XJ-6, XJS, XK8, XJ8 or the latest "Cat", if it is about Jaguar Cars and their drivers, it is welcome!

Jap and US Honda Prelude Webring - 11 sites - 

If you got a Honda Prelude Related site eg, Prelude Mods, Turbo Prelude's, ANYTHING and would like more traffic and be a member of the club, then come and join...

Japanese 4x4 - 6 sites - 

Sites dedicated to Japanese 4x4 vehicles

Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Webring - 69 sites - 

This webring is for all the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee lovers. These wagon-based off-road machines may not look to amazing but wait until you see them in their natural climate.. off the road! This ring is for all those who drive and love these vehicles...

Jeep Comanche Webring - 13 sites - 

The Jeep Comanche Webring is a ring Specifically for sites that are about the Jeep MJ Comanche. The Jeep Comanche was produced in 2 and 4 wheel drive models from 1984 until 1992. This ring is to preserve their heritage as another one of the legendary Jeeps that is no longer in production

Jeep Junkies Webring - 363 sites - 

This webring is a collection of sites dedicated to all vehicles under Jeep. From the early military models and flatfenders to the TJs, all websites with Jeep as the theme are invited to join. Don't forget about all the Jeep pickups, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees too!

Jeep Willys WebRing - 43 sites - 

The Jeep Webring exclusively for the "early Jeep": WILLYS. They deserve their own Ring, for both their historical grandeur as well as their increasing popularity. For the WILLYS enthusiast as well as for the WILLYS owner. The WILLYS was the very first Jeep -- and this Ring honors the modern day Willys-Overland 4x4 vehicle and showcases websites devoted to it's continued appreciation.

Jeep XJ-Tech Webring - 13 sites - 

The Jeep XJ-Tech Webring helps Jeep fans easily find websites dedicated to hands-on technical information about Jeep's Cherokee and Comanche models. If you are a Serious Wrencher(tm) working on XJs and MJs, this webring is for you!

Jeff Burton Webring - 29 sites - 

Jeff burton webring...featuring Winston Cup driver, Jeff Burton

KLR 650 Webring - 12 sites - 

For owners and riders of Kawasaki KLR650 dual-sport motorcycles

Kawasaki zx7 and zx7r Webring - 14 sites - 

Kawasaki ZX7 and ZX7R webring. Containing sites dedicated to one of the best sportsbikes evere made the Kawasaki zx7 and zx7r ninja.

LT4 WebRing - 15 sites - 

A WebRing devoted to GM's limited production LT4 engine, including the 1996 Cheverolet LT4 Corvette (Grand Sport, Collector Edition, and Regular Production), the 1997 Chevrolet/SLP LT4 Camaro SS, and the 1997 Pontiac/SLP LT4 Firehawk. Websites in this WebRing include a comprehensive collection of information regarding these rare factory high-performance cars, including The LT4 F-Body Registry and The LT4 Y-Body Roster at the LT4 WebRing Home Page.

La Webring F1 & Co - 6 sites - 

Tous les sites francophones consacrés à la compétition automobile : CART, Formule 1, NASCAR, Rallye, ... Le Best of' de la compet' auto !

Lada Niva Webring - 7 sites - 

The web ring for Lada Niva car owners and fans. Link to sites containing pictures, techical information, a Niva manual, mechanical help aand more. Niva, - the world's most affordable family tank!

Lambretta pages - 32 sites - 

Webring dedicated Lambretta Motor Scooter pages around the world

Land Rover Fan's - 46 sites - 

This webring is for anyone who has got a Land Rover related website, or even a general 4x4 site with Land Rovers part of it. The ring is for Land Rover fans so they can surf Land Rover sites.

Land Speed Racing Ring - 20 sites - 

Land Speed Racing WebRing... Dedicated to the advancement of record breaking speed racing on land. Bonneville, El Mirage, Muroc. If it's flat we'll race motorcycles, cars and trucks, or exotic streamliners on it.

Lincoln Mark VIII Ring - 8 sites - 

Web ring for sites designed for Lincoln Mmark VIII owners with information on repairs, performance, modification, and clubs

Locost - 24 sites - 

This WebRing is to link sites of people building a Lotus 7 clone based on Ron Champions Book "Build your own sports car for under 250Pounds"

Lost Pony Round-Up - 15 sites - 

The ring is solely for the owners of Ford's White Elephants: The Mustang II and the Pinto

Lotus Cars Webring - 154 sites - 

The official webring of Lotus automobiles. This webring is dedicated to bringing together the websites of Lotus car enthusiasts from around the world. Whether it is a passision for the classic Seven and Elan or a desire for the modern Esprit and Elise, the Lotus Cars Webring will help you find the Lotus information you are looking for on the Internet.

Loud Pipes - 145 sites - 

The Loud Pipes Webring is for Harley Davidson related websites, commercial and non-commercial. Dedicated to bringing Harley related sites together, making it easy for people to surf them. If your site is about the great American motorcycle with the thunder in the pipes, join this webring, or surf these sites today.

M & M Racing Ring - 9 sites - 

Alot of fun,racing,updates weekly on our racing at the Ukiah Speedway. Come on and join in on all the fun. Have a racing site? Race your hometown? Then this is the place to come. Join and stay with the flow. All sites welcome..

M715 Zone - 8 sites - 

This webring is a source of information, both technical and non-technical, photos, history, service info. and contact info. for owners of M-715/M-724/M-725/M-726 military vehicles made by the Kaiser Jeep Company between 1967 and 1969. There is a club on Yahoo!, called "The M715 Zone" that has spawned many of the other sites and much of the technical info. Membership is free to all. Feel free to join!!

MANAVU-DAN - 5 sites - 

"MANAVU-DAN" is World wide Lowrider Network Let's join us !

MAXXED! - Cruisers Webring - 44 sites - 

For those of us who enjoy splumphing a large wad (cash of course!) on our pride and joy to sound louder, look cooler, drive on the edge and pull!

Mark Martin Fan Ring - 87 sites - 

A WebRing for Mark Martin sites and fans of the #6 Valvoline Ford and #60 Winn-Dixie Ford. All racing fans welcome Also, all racing collectibles sites are welcome

Mazda Ring - 32 sites - 

The Mazda Ring consists of fellow mazda owners and enthusiasts all over the World. All makes, models and years are welcome. Come take the tour and join if you have a mazda related site.

Mazda Rotary Webring - 225 sites - 

Mazda Rotary Powered Vehicles

Mazda Rx-7 Clubs - 17 sites - 

Mazda Rx-7 Club Webring is a ring of Rx-7 Club WEB sites. This is to help owners and enthusiasts find their local Rx-7 Club. ONLY Rx-7 club WEB sites should be linked here.

Mercedes CarPeople - 5 sites - 

Sites with content featuring Mercedes automobiles, new and classics. Collectors, Fanatics, and others with sites having a theme promoting the benefits of Mercedes ownership are welcome. The ring has no relationship with or connection to Daimler-Benz AG or its subsidiaries.

Merkur Web Ring - 13 sites - 

The Merkur Web Ring is maintained to link together those web sites displaying content related to the Merkur line of fine automobiles.

Metropolitans on the Web - 24 sites - 

The Ring of Metropolitans is dedicated to bringing all Nash Metropolitan sites and their owners together. Through this ring, we can not only link to each other's web sites, but learn more about our fun little cars.

Miata Ring - 159 sites - 

Do you have a web site picturing your Miata? Or, perhaps a web site that shows the modifications you have made to your Miata and other related information? THEN JOIN THE MIATA RING! People can then SURF THE WEB from one Miata site to the other!

Mick Doohan WebRing - 5 sites - 

Mick Doohan images, history, results, and personal details. As the greatest motorbike racer of the modern(two-stroke) era, Mick Doohan has dedicated fans all over the world. The pages in this ring are the work of some of those fans.

Midwest 4-Wheel Drive Association - 9 sites - 

Midwest 4-Wheel Drive Association is an Association of Off-Road clubs and individuals in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. This WebRing is intended to make it easier to surf through the various member's web pages. Note that both MW4WDA clubs _AND_ individuals are eligible to join this WebRing.

Mini Club Thailand - 5 sites - 

Mini Club Thailand. Club for who love in Mini car, you can exchange your ideas with other people about your Mini car and ask for information about it.

Ministock Racing Webring - 36 sites - 

Dirt track Ministock Racing primarily, but all forms of ministock racing featured from areas across the country.

Mitsubishi FTO WebRing - 20 sites - 

This WebRing is intended to gather all the best FTO sites setup by enthusiasts into one place that is easy to move around. You can be assured that only quality sites get into this ring! This site is recommended by the official UK FTO owners club.

Mopar Mailing List Webring - 123 sites - 

This is the webring for the members of the Mopar Mailing List (MML). If you are on the Mopar Mailing List, come join the webring. We will take any sites owned by members of the MML (personal or commercial). If you would like to know how to join the MML, come to the homepage.

Moped web-ring - 172 sites - 

All moped users, and moped page owners united in cyberspace by this way, so cool. Oldies, brand new mopeds and scooters all under 50cc.

Moskvich cars - 12 sites - 

This ring is about Moskvich (Aleko) cars and any cars manufactured by AZLK (former MZMA)and Izh factoies in Russia.

Motor City - 5 sites - 

Dodge Trucks Muscle Cars Heavy equipment etc...

MotorCity Winner's Circle - 14 sites - 

This is a Webring created by Geocities MotorCity Community Leaders for all MotorCity Homesteaders.Come be a part of your Neighborhood and meet your neighbors!!

Motorradclubs Deutschland - 50 sites - 

All kinds of activity on motorcycle and motorcycle-clubs in germany

Motorradmarkt Webring - 7 sites - 

This is the german motorcycle-market webring. All sites are in german. In this webring only private markets are listed, so the notices are for free. In the listed markets you can find not only motorcycles, but motorcycle-spareparts, clothes ... Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen: Angebote und Gesuche für Motorräder, Motorradteile, Zubehör und Bekleidung. Jeder kostenlose Motorradmarkt ist herzlich willkommen!

Mr. Lowrider Archives - 8 sites - 

Custom cars and clubs. Lowriders! Pictures of professional rides to amuture rides. Welcome to the publics photos and custom rides and achivements.

Muddy Webring - 27 sites - 

The Muddy Webring is dedicated to all things Land Rover. The ring contains many sites which provide useful information, archive materials and history of all Land Rover Products. Within the ring you will find reference sites, photo archives, parts suppliers and much more.

MuddyTires - 12 sites - 

The ultimate in four wheel drive rings. Bringing the best of the off road community together for laughs and thrills.

Mustang Circuit - 366 sites - 

The Mustang Circuit consists of fellow mustang owners and enthusiasts on the WEB. All make models and years are welcome. Most pages contain graphics and generial information about Mustangs. Come take the tour.

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