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Rust Stop units are available for 6, 12 and 24 Volt vehicles.††

Rust Stop is a precision electronic device which incorporates concepts that have been in daily use protecting ocean going vessels, underground pipelines, offshore oil rigs, bridges and other large capital investments for over forty years.

Rust-Stop is the only system available that uses both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies to inhibit corrosion in both wet and dry conditions. Rust-Stop, launched in 1991 has progressively become the world leader in its field.

Product Features:
Visual indication that the unit is operational.
Visual low battery voltage and fault indication.
Automatic cut-out oscillator prevents battery discharge when the vehicle is not in use.
Fitted with "overload cut-out" to prevent discharge of the battery if the anode comes into physical contact with the chassis of the vehicle.
Reverse polarity and current spike protection.
Lifetime Guarantee.

How does Rust Stop Function?
Rust Stop uses the method of Cathodic Protection using Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode.† When installing Rust Stop, two strips of aluminium electrodes, termed anodes are strategically attached to an area of the vehicle†where most water is likely to collect or run.† The essential factor in cathodic protection is that the unwanted anodes in the metal of the vehicle are suppressed by the application of an impressed current from Rust Stop's externally attached anodes, i.e. The potential of the metal to be protected is now substantially lower in respect to the attached anodes (45 Volts), so that the anodes in the metal now become cathodes.

The electronic components made by Phillips and Hewlett Packard are contained in a high quality ABS approved casing, which will withstand very high temperatures in the engine compartment.† The unit has reverse polarity protection against incorrect connection to the battery.† The unit incorporates a Metal Oxide Varistor to protect against lightening and transient spikes from the alternator.

Who should install Rust-Stop?†
New vehicle owners - Protection from day one to preserve your investment and ensure that the value of the vehicle is maintained;
Older vehicle owners - Prolong the appearance of your vehicle in order to receive better trade-in-value, and remember that Rust-Stop will function just as effectively on an older vehicle with body damage as it will on a brand new vehicle.

Rust-Stop has no adverse side effects:
1. Rust-Stop will not drain your battery or reduce its life span.† In fact it acts as a dual-purpose medium by warning you that your battery requires charging or replacement. The unit when operational draws less current than a car alarm.
2. Rust-Stop will compliment any anti-rusting method already carried out on the vehicle (rubberising).
3. Rust-Stop is safe and will not cause electrical shocks.
4. Rust-Stop is environment friendly free of toxins and chemicals.


6 & 12 VOLT (CARS)


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(incl. VAT Postage & Handling)

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Conditions:† Warrants that the Rust-Stop Electronic Corrosion Unit when installed on a new or used vehicle is free from defects in material and workmanship and if necessary will be replaced without charge for the duration of the units existence in the vehicle in which it is installed.
Input voltage: (+) 12 Volt DC
Ground: (-) Negative
Current drawn: Approx. 35ma†
Housing: ABS Plastic
Weight: Approx. 280 grams
Output Voltage: 40 - 45 Volts†
1 x Command module
2 x Sacrificial anodes with self adhesive tape
1 x 5m length of wire
1 x Complete set electrical connectors
2 x 8mm battery terminals
2 x 3mm anode terminals
2 x anode bolts
2 x washers
2 x bullet connector
1 x Unit registration document



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