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What leading authorities say about CATHODIC PROTECTION?

"Cathodic protection is perhaps the most important of all approaches to corrosion control. By means of an externally applied electric current, corrosion is virtually reduced to zero, and a metal surface can be maintained in a corrosive environment without deterioration for an indefinite time".

Herburt H. Uhlig, Professor of Metallurgy, in charge of corrosion laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Cathodic protection works and it works effectively".

Marshell E. Parker, Harco Corporation, Cathodic Protection Division, Medina, Ohio and B. Husock, P.E., Retired V.P. and Chief Engineer, Harco Corporation Medina, Ohio.

"Cathodic currents are a practical means of reducing corrosion".

F.L. LaQue, V.P. The International nickel Company, Inc., New York.

"In this case, the metal need not be isolated from the environment but is made cathodic. Current is impressed on the system in such a way that electrons flow from the metal that we wish to protect".

Dr. J.L. Taylor, B.Sc., P.H.D., A.I.M., M.N.DT.S. Department of Metallurgy, University College, Cardiff


Telkom: "Rust Stop has proved totally effective on our vehicles and we highly recommend them."

Engen: "We currently have 8 Rust Stop units fitted to our fire vehicles.  We have not found any rust forming anywhere and now fit Rust Stop to every new vehicle.

AA: Our tests show a new car car commences rusting under severe conditions at 3 years of age.  With Rust Stop fitted it would take 12 years to experience the same degree of rust"  The MOTORIST



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